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5 Things School Doesn’t Teach You About Work

5 Things School Doesn’t Teach You About Work

With graduation season approaching, many students are about to embark on their first post-school job. While school teaches you a lot, there still might be some surprises as you enter the workforce. It’s no longer about simply getting good grades; your job performance matters. 

You don’t have as much time off.

In school, you get used to summer vacations and long holiday breaks, but most businesses don’t have the same luxury. Typically, employees start with two weeks of vacation each year. Many companies do not close for most holidays, either. While they might be closed on Christmas or Thanksgiving Day, employees have to use vacation days if they want extra time off on the holidays.  

You have to take initiative.

Unlike the classroom, your boss probably won’t be there to help you with every assignment and remind you of deadlines. In the workplace, you will have to learn to manage your own time and prioritize your tasks. Sometimes, when you first start a job you might not have enough tasks to fill up your day. It’s up to you to take initiative to find things to do to be productive; don’t just wait for your supervisor to tell you what’s next. 

You have to get along.

Working with people in a business can be similar to projects you may have done with classmates, but at work, it’s about more than a good grade. Collaboration and teamwork are essential. You have to cooperate with coworkers, learn each person’s strengths, and make sure everyone is on the same page. Blaming others won’t work in a business setting. You will have to be accountable for how well you can work together.  

You will have to learn to manage money.

While you should be content with your salary when you start, keep in mind that you can always grow with your position and earn raises. Just keep in mind that your wages probably won’t change quickly or drastically during your first year. Your first paycheck will be something to look forward to, but remember that you’ll have to make it last until the next one. Try creating a budget to make sure you spend wisely between pay days. 

You will make mistakes.

In school, if you get a D on a test, you will probably be disappointed, but you’ll move on. At work, mistakes have bigger implications. If something goes wrong, make sure you admit your mistake. Your supervisors will appreciate an honest explanation. The important thing is that you learn from your mistakes. Get feedback and take steps to make sure you do better on the next project. 

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