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Are you struggling with hiring?

Have you ever had one of those days when your phone won’t stop ringing, your customers are asking for more and more, and you’re not sure how your team can get it all done? A staffing agency may not be the first place you turn to for help, but having the right people on your staff, at the right time, is vital to your company’s operations.

Focus on your business, and let Penmac handle the staffing.

Whether you’re a small business owner, or the hiring director at a larger company, you’re probably looking to increase productivity and to reduce risks and costs. The recruitment and hiring process can be time-consuming and challenging, taking away time that you need to focus on your business. Our employment services help businesses recruit, train, and manage employees for companies like yours every day. Simply take the following steps.

  1. Tell us your staffing challenges, and what type of employees are most successful on your team.
  2. Focus on your core business while we recruit, screen, and onboard qualified candidates.
  3. Achieve your productivity and growth goals with Penmac associates working for you.
  4. Collaborate with us on your ongoing staffing needs. Give us feedback so we can continually improve our service for you.

Find a partner with Penmac.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you want to work with a business who takes the time to learn and understand your frustrations. At Penmac, we strive to build relationships and establish clear lines of communication with each business, so we can create custom solutions for your unique challenges. Being an employee-owned company not only gives us the flexibility to tailor our solutions, but our employee owners are committed to your success as an investment in our future.

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