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Our Story

Since we started in 1988, we have been dedicated to helping businesses grow and job seekers thrive. Our motto of "We Place People First" is our way of life--with the emphasis solidly on "People." This short film was produced for our 25th anniversary and tells the story of our beginning and foundations.

Our Philosophy

In its simplest terms, staffing is a way to connect job seekers with employers, but at Penmac Staffing it’s about more than that—it’s about people. Employment plays such a vital role in both personal and professional lives—our staffing specialists work to get to know each job seeker, HR manager, and business owner to understand their unique goals and challenges.


Penmac hopes to provide job seekers with work that meets their basic immediate needs and career goals, while making them feel appreciated and valued as individuals.


When Penmac associates are assigned to the best job for them, our business clients benefit from a motivated, skilled workforce. A leading provider of human resource services, Penmac has the staffing industry expertise, but more than that, Penmac places people first.

We Place PEOPLE First

Our motto means:

We prioritize others by treating individuals with respect and kindness while providing quality employment solutions quickly.

Our Seven Core Values

Our core values help us live out our vision of placing people first.

100% Employee-Owned

In 2010, Penmac Founder Patti Penny and her family transferred ownership of Penmac Staffing to the company’s employees, giving each team member a stake in the success of the company. Today, Penmac is one of the largest employee-owned staffing companies in the United States. The employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) allows Penmac employees to build wealth for retirement at no cost. Every Penmac employee-owner is dedicated to the success of our clients and associates as an investment in our own financial futures.

A ribbon cutting ceremony at a Penmac Staffing location; Penmac employees and community members smile as they cut the ribbon to open the new office

Penmac managers on the evening the employee stock ownership plan was announced in October 2010.

35 Years and Growing

From one small office in Springfield, Missouri, Penmac has grown to serve 8 states from over 30 locations.

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A Message from our CEO

Thank you for choosing Penmac for your work journey. Whether you are ready to start the next chapter in the story of your career, or you are searching for someone to join your team, we are excited to travel this journey with you and help light the way!


Penmac has a strong history dyed deep in the science of people and their work lives. We pride ourselves on our mission to help those needing direction find free assistance in searching for a job. Nothing gives us a greater feeling of success than placing good employees at our customers that eventually join the customer’s team. Again, thank you for stopping by our site, and I hope you give us a chance to see why We Place People First!

handwritten Tim from CEO Tim Massey
portrait of Tim Massey

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