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Save time and money by screening with SmartFit.

If you’ve ever worked in HR, you know that some candidates that are tempted to misrepresent information on their resume or job application. When you’re hiring, you want to verify that the skills listed on your applicants’ resumes are accurate. You probably already know that Penmac can help with recruitment, screening, and hiring, but did you know we can still help you save time and money even if you want to handle recruiting and hiring on your own?

Because of our high-volume use of screenings, Penmac can offer you substantial discounts on assessments. SmartFit, our assessment program, offers testing that will verify candidate skills in areas as varied as software skills to sales ability to mechanical knowledge. We also offer inexpensive screenings such as drug screens, criminal background checks, credit checks, education checks, exit interviews, and more.

SmartFit Assessments Include:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Typing
  • Ten-key
  • Data entry
  • Proofreading
  • Filing
  • Following Instructions
  • Using a Ruler
  • Basic Math
  • Bookkeeping

SmartFit Screenings Include:

  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Drug Screens
  • Reference Checks
  • Credit Checks
  • Education Background Checks

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