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You might have questions about working for Penmac. Here are answers to some of the most common questions. If you need more information, please contact your local Penmac office for more answers.

How do I apply for a job with Penmac?Apply online at first; then stop by your local office. When you go to your local Penmac, be sure to bring with you acceptable forms of identification to complete the necessary employment and tax forms. Bring a resume. If you don’t have a resume bring your previous employment information and the dates you worked at each company. After the application process is complete, a Penmac staffing specialist interviews applicants to determine work history, experience, and the type of employment applicants are seeking. The total amount of time it takes to complete an application and interview is approximately one hour.

What happens after I submit my application?After you submit your employment application, you should follow-up with your local Penmac office by calling or stopping by in person. The Penmac Staffing Specialist will then set up a time to interview you in order to learn your schedule, qualifications, and career interests.

What happens after my interview?After your interview, you will be eligible to begin working as soon as a position that meets your skills and schedule becomes available. You should stay in touch with Penmac by calling each week after your interview.

How often should I check in with Penmac?To be considered as available for work you must call the Penmac office two times per week.

How long do Penmac’s background checks take?It depends. Depending on the type of background check that is issued, you could receive results in anywhere from one day to up to one week.

What does Penmac consider full-time?An employee is considered full-time if he or she works 30 or more hours per week.

What types of jobs are available to me?Penmac offers permanent, temporary, and temporary to permanent employment opportunities for a wide variety of skill sets and in a variety of industries. Search current opportunities now.

Is there a cost for being placed with Penmac?No, Penmac is always free to job seekers.

What should I wear to an interview with Penmac?Wear clothes that are comfortable and presentable. You are not required to wear a three-piece suit, but pajamas (yes, this has really happened) are not appropriate either; somewhere in the middle is fine.

Is it okay to bring someone with me when I come to Penmac?If you need assistance operating a computer to complete the employment application, yes. We do not recommend bringing children when applying or interviewing at Penmac. Children become restless and can be a distraction during your interview.

Do I have to give my social security number (SSN) when I am applying for employment?Penmac Staffing asks for your social security number to conduct background checks and to use for required tax purposes when associates receive their weekly paychecks.

Why do staffing agencies exist?Staffing agencies work to aid two audiences—businesses and job seekers. Businesses hire staffing firms for many reasons, such as assistance with handling HR tasks such as recruiting, hiring, and administering benefits. Or, businesses may need to find a worker to cover an employee’s extended absence or to work during an especially busy time. Temp agencies help job seekers by providing them with a variety of available job opportunities they can choose from based on skills and schedule. Penmac also provides eligible associates with health and retirement benefits.

Do temp jobs look bad on resumes?No. Employers understand that job markets are always changing, and that staffing companies offer employers valuable opportunities to learn skills and earn money to make ends meets until something permanent comes along. Some people rely on unemployment or their family for income; keeping busy with temporary work shows a strong work ethic. Also, as a temporary employee, you showcase many valuable job skills including adaptability, flexibility, and the ability to learn new tasks quickly.

Can I still collect unemployment after working through a staffing agency?It depends. The staffing agency becomes your official employer as you work temporary assignments, and is responsible for finding you a new assignment when one ends. As an associate, you are responsible for continually staying in touch with the agency to stay informed regarding potential assignments. If the agency fails to find you another assignment and you become unemployed through no fault of your own, it is sometimes possible to collect unemployment after you are no longer working with the staffing service.

How soon can you identify job opportunities and place me in a position?Once you have completed the application process, you could be placed on a job assignment in a matter of days, depending on your skill set, the flexibility of your schedule, your salary requirements, and the types of jobs you are willing to take. Sometimes we have immediate openings you can start right away! For job seekers with more stringent requirements, it may take longer.

Will someone remain in contact me once I begin employment?Yes. A Penmac Staffing Specialist will stay in touch to ensure successful employment. In some cases, Penmac will have an On-Site Coordinator on the job premises to oversee and mentor Penmac associates.

What if the job I get isn’t right for me?When you apply at Penmac, you will have an opportunity to communicate your skills, desires, and needs. Be honest and specific. In most cases, this initial conversation will ensure that you are placed in a position that is a good match. In the rare event that the job isn’t a good fit, contact your Penmac Staffing Specialist to discuss possible solutions. Employment satisfaction is important to Penmac.

What should I do when I finish an assignment?When you have successfully completed an assignment, contact your local Penmac branch office. If you want to be placed on a new assignment, your Staffing Specialist can help.

Do I have to accept every job assignment?No. When a Penmac team member calls to offer you an assignment, he or she will share the details of the potential opportunity, including the job description, skills required, schedule, and approximate length of assignment. After you have learned the specifics, you have the right to refuse or accept an assignment.

Do I have to complete my assignment?You are expected to complete every assignment you accept unless an emergency arises or you quit with sufficient notice. Speak with your staffing specialist for details about your assignment.

Can I quit a temp job? What is the etiquette in resigning from a staffing agency?Yes, you can resign from a staffing agency. We want to see associates succeed, and understand that new opportunities may come along. When you know you will be resigning, contact your Penmac Staffing Specialist to communicate your intentions.

If I like my job, can I keep it?It depends. Penmac offers temp-to-hire opportunities for some clients. In these positions, the associate works for ninety days in the job. If the client is satisfied with performance and the associate is happy with the position, there is potential for permanent placement.

What should I expect after I am hired by Penmac?A Penmac Staffing Specialist will contact you when an appropriate assignment becomes available. He or she will communicate the position description, schedule, and details of what you can expect on the job.

What if a job isn’t what I expected?At Penmac, we try our best to make sure we place associates in positions that are the best fit. If you do find yourself in a job that doesn’t match the description you were given, consult your Penmac Staffing Specialist right away.

When and how often do I get paid?All Penmac associates get paid every Thursday.

How often will I receive a paycheck?Your paycheck will be directly deposited into your bank account every Thursday. If you have no bank account, Penmac will provide a paycard free of charge. In some cases, you can get paid the day of your assignment.

Can I get a raise?Yes, in some cases. Some Penmac clients will give associates a raise after they have demonstrated an outstanding work ethic.

Do you withhold taxes?Yes. Penmac withholds taxes to comply with state and federal laws.

Do Penmac associates receive holiday pay or paid vacation?Some Penmac clients will pay holiday pay and vacation for Penmac associates. It is at the client’s discretion as to which holidays they honor. Contact your Penmac Staffing Specialist to see if you are working for a client that offers holiday pay or paid vacation.

What forms of ID should I bring to complete my application?You can view all acceptable documents to complete your I-9 form here: Form I-9 Acceptable Documents

Most people bring their driver's license AND their social security card or birth certificate (with an official seal). If you have a valid passport, that one document is all you need to bring. But there are many options, as you can see at the link above!

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