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Are You Ready to Go Back to Work?

Are You Ready to Go Back to Work?

With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s a great week to honor moms (and mom-like figures!) and all the work they do to raise their families. If you’ve been out of the workforce to take care of kids, but are ready to return, Penmac can help. Even if you aren’t a caretaker, but are looking to return to work after being off for other personal reasons, there are plenty of ways you can successfully re-enter employment years later.  

Talk about jobs you’ve had in the past. 

You will have the most luck seeking employment in fields where you already have experience. What were you doing before you took time off? Highlight the skills you developed in previous jobs, listing tangible accomplishments. Communicate to potential employers how you have retained those skills, even though it has been several years since you held the position. Have you taken classes to stay current? Perhaps you have stayed up-to-date on your own, doing research online or in books. Make note of these things as you create your new resume and cover letter. 

Explain why you haven’t been working. 

Also comment about any unexplained gaps in employment. If you had taken time off to raise your kids, talk about how those experiences translate to the job for which you are applying. For instance, if you helped the PTA raise money for the local elementary school, explain those skills in terms of the workplace. Instead of saying, “helped on PTA,” talk about the “fundraising” and “leadership techniques” you’ve learned. 

Offer to learn new skills. 

Businesses want to know a candidate is going to be an asset to the company. If necessary, offer to work for a trial in order to demonstrate your skills and knowledge. Ask prospective employers about training programs, and let them know you are willing and eager to stay current with your industry. Often, temp-to-hire positions are a great opportunity to try out a position and display your talent. 

Meet new people. 

At Penmac Staffing, one of our leading recruitment tactics is word of mouth. Talk to former supervisors and coworkers who know your work history and abilities. They might know of openings that haven’t been advertised, or offer to write a persuasive reference letter on your behalf. Join networking groups to expand your professional relationships. Create a profile on LinkedIn to showcase your resume. Volunteer at organizations where you can meet new people. 

Connect with a staffing specialist at Penmac. Our career experts are experienced at matching individuals with a job specifically suited for them. They can give you tips on building resumes, interviewing, and finding job leads. 

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