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Why You Should Use Your Vacation Days

Why You Should Use Your Vacation Days

For many, summer indicates vacation season, yet a lot of workers don’t use all of their vacation days. Some employees feel like they can’t take time off of work because they are too busy, or because they don’t believe that coworkers will be able to cover for them. Others feel like supervisors might reward those employees who don’t take vacation. The truth is, taking a vacation is good for both employees and for business. Read below to learn the benefits. 


For Employees: Regardless of how good of an employee you are, everyone can use a break on occasion. Doing the same thing every day will eventually get repetitive. While there are things you can do to stay energized at work (such as staying active, sleeping well, and watching your diet), often there’s no substitute for a few days away from the workplace. Chances are, when you return, you’ll be even more productive. 

For Employers: Studies show that happier employees are more productive. Supervisors can work to motivate employees throughout the year by showing appreciation, offering training, and communicating well, but for most, a vacation can be the biggest happiness booster. Encourage your team to use their vacation days. 


For Employees: Vacations are good for creativity. You can get distance from a problem you might be having trouble solving at work. Being away gives you a new perspective and helps you decompress. Even better if you travel during your vacation and are exposed to new sights and ideas! 

For Employers: You want employees who have innovative ideas and are good problem solvers. Vacations allow employees a chance to decompress and helps improve attitudes upon their return. Employees with positive attitudes will be more motivated and productive. 


For Employees: If you’re constantly overworked and overwhelmed, your body is going to feel it. Stress isn’t good for your health, and can cause you to miss even more work than you would have had you just taken that vacation! 

For Employers: Encourage your employees to take a scheduled vacation and they will probably take fewer sick days. Having time off allows staff some time for themselves where they can destress, relax, and focus on family and relationships. Generally, people who take time to focus on their wellbeing will perform better at work and have fewer absences. 

If you’re still nervous about leaving for vacation, click here for some tips on how you can prepare to be gone from the workplace. If you’re a business who needs some staff to cover employee vacations this summer, call your local Penmac office—we’ve got you covered! 

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