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What Your Vacation can Teach You about Work

What Your Vacation can Teach You about Work

Summer is a time for vacation. Whether you’re headed to the beach, visiting relatives, or staying close to home, your vacation could offer you some wisdom you could use when you return to the workplace. Just as you must make reservations, pack, and travel to your destination before enjoying your relaxing break, you must also plan and work towards career goals in order to find employment success. 

Pack Your Bags.  

The first step in preparing for a trip is deciding where to go. Do you love the sun? Maybe you want to visit some place tropical. Just as you choose a destination that you’ll enjoy for vacation, you want to make the same considerations when choosing a career. Select a field that is interesting to you. Even if you start out in an entry-level position, try to pursue a job that sounds like something you would enjoy in the years to come. Once you know where you’d like to go, begin searching for ways to get there. Similarly, you can search for jobs online, network for opportunities, or get assistance from a staffing agency. Do you have the necessary tools, training, and experience to ensure success? If you have everything you need, pack your bags, and you’ll be ready to go! 

Hit the road.  

Traveling to your destination is your next step. Whether you fly or drive, most travelers stick to an itinerary. This is the case in the working world, too. Businesses expect employees to arrive for work punctually, stick to a schedule, and meet deadlines. Bring along your GPS and pay attention to road signs as you make your way to your destination. Do the same at work—follow directions and the leadership of supervisors. Getting lost shouldn’t be a problem, but if you make a wrong turn it’s no big deal. Mistakes are how we learn and grow. Just enjoy the scenery along the way, and you’ll end up steering yourself in the right direction. 

Are we there yet? Yes! 

All your planning and travel will pay off in the end. Once you get to your destination, take time to have fun and explore. Climb a mountain, swim with dolphins—do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. This applies in the workplace, too. You should take initiative on projects you’re passionate about. Do you see an opportunity to improve processes? Share your ideas with your supervisors. We spend a lot of time with our coworkers and supervisors—just as many vacations are about spending quality time with those you’re close with—you should value your workmates. Working together makes the job easier, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn from each other. 

Grab your keys, fill up on gas, and you’re ready to go. Regardless of where you end up, learn to appreciate the journey and you’ll find success along the way. 

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