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How You Can Reel in New Job Candidates

How You Can Reel in New Job Candidates

With the end of May, it’s beginning to feel more like summer—time for those summer activities—camping, barbecues, fishing… If you work in the staffing or human resource industry, you might sometimes feel like recruiting new employees is a bit like fishing. If you’re looking for staff, but haven’t got any bites, consider how these fishing tips might just help you reel in job seekers. 

Use the right bait. 

Fishermen know that there are different types of bait depending on what type of fish you’re hoping to catch. Similarly, when you’re looking for staff you need to know who you’re hoping to attract to the position. Be sure to clearly define the qualifications and experience you are looking for in an applicant. If you cast your net too widely, you might be guaranteed to catch something, but it won’t necessarily be what you were looking for. Once you know what type of candidates you’d like to attract, make sure you’re offering them an opportunity that they would be interested in. Consider the salary, benefits, vacation, and other perks of the job you are offering. 

Know how to cast your line. 

While there is definitely some luck to fishing (and staffing!), there is a large amount of skill and knowledge involved. You need the right equipment, a polished technique, and plenty of patience. These tools are useful when you’re hiring, too. What is your recruitment technique—do you use hiring bonuses, online job search engines, a staffing company? Patience is also an important part of the hiring process. While most businesses hope to fill positions quickly, it’s essential that you don’t rush your decisions. Be thorough to make sure you hire the right candidate. 

Reel them in! 

Once you have a fish on your line, make sure you reel it in before it gets off the hook. This applies especially in today’s job market. If you’ve found and interviewed a candidate that is right for a position, be sure to act quickly. Most job seekers have probably been interviewing with multiple companies. Let them know what the timeline is for the hiring process at your company so they know what to expect. If they’ve already accepted another position, don’t worry, there are other fish in the sea! 

Use a guide. 

If you’re having trouble finding applicants for your positions, Penmac can give you a line! Just as a professional angler will know the best techniques and all the good fishing spots, a staffing company is an expert when it comes to your HR needs. In fishing, you might work with a guide when you’re in unfamiliar waters. When you help with staffing, Penmac can be your guide. If you feel like you’re in over your head, call your local office to learn how we can help with recruitment, hiring, payroll, and more. 

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