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Don’t Scare Away Your Employees

Don’t Scare Away Your Employees

Recruiting employees is difficult, so once you have found quality workers for your company, it is important to work to retain them. There are several things you can do to ensure your employees remain happy at your company.  This Halloween season, we’re letting the cat out of the bag! Use these tips to boost employee retention. 


Make sure the lines of communication remain open. Provide constructive feedback, and encourage reciprocation. Often, staff has good insight about company practices and procedures. Reassure them that you value their honest opinions and ideas. If employees and supervisors communicate on a regular basis, when issues do arise, individuals will feel more comfortable addressing them. This also lets employees feel like they have some ownership in the business; include them in the decision making process and keep them informed on company news. Prioritizing communication also makes it more natural for supervisors and coworkers to share recognition. A small bit of praise can go a long way in increasing productivity. 


Offer employees benefits. In addition to the standard, but important, benefits like healthcare, paid vacations, and bonus incentives, consider the less traditional perks for a workplace. For instance, most workers appreciate flexibility in their position. It makes the balance between professional, home, and social lives easier, and contributes to a more content workforce. Company perks don’t all have to be costly or significant. Things like bringing in bagels once a month, celebrating birthdays, or acknowledging anniversaries when an employee has stayed with a company for a certain number of years, are small but appreciated acts. Penmac Staffing provides health and retirement benefits for our employees, so speak with your Penmac representative if you’d like to learn how we can help.  


Learn about your employees. The more businesses know about employees, the better employers are able to customize benefits and provide effective incentives. If you know what inspires employees, you will be able to know what is going to motivate them to work hardest. Knowing employees gives insight into workplace culture and how to most successfully structure projects. Not only can getting to know your employees be enlightening, but it also makes the employees feel valued. 


Provide your staff with growth opportunities. Most individuals appreciate the chance for continued learning and professional development. As your workforce betters itself, your company will improve as a result. When openings become available, promote from within. Your employees are already experts in your business; allow them to demonstrate their experience and understanding in new roles.  

Penmac specializes in human resources, and wants to help your business succeed. We hope these few tips provide you with some ideas on how you can retain your best people. Contact your local Penmac office for any other staffing needs. 

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