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How to Impress Your Boss

How to Impress Your Boss

Today, October 16th is national Boss’s Day, a day for workers to show their gratitude to their bosses. For a business to be successful, it must have both exceptional leadership, as well as a great staff. This Boss’s Day, learn four things you can do that will not just impress your supervisor, but will also ensure your own success as an employee. 

1. Be Positive. 

Both coworkers and supervisors appreciate positive personalities. Be polite and respectful when you are at work. Avoid continually complaining, even if you have to do a task you don’t enjoy. Make sure any comments are constructive and helpful to those around you. 

2. Be Knowledgeable. 

More than likely, if you have been hired, you have demonstrated an understanding of the position, either through training or past experience, so you are already knowledgeable about the job. Continue learning new skills as you work. Participate in any available training. Read the employee handbook and any relevant equipment manuals. Ask questions when necessary. 

3. Be Flexible. 

Employers notice employees who are willing to go the extra mile. Be willing to do what is needed, even if it doesn’t specifically fit under your job description. Take initiative in your position. If you finish an assignment early, take the lead to find a new task to do. There’s always something productive to do, even if you have to brainstorm about what it is. 

4. Be Professional. 

Finally, be professional when you are at a job. This includes arriving punctually, only taking breaks during scheduled times, dressing appropriately for your position, maintaining personal hygiene, and following all company rules and guidelines. 

Penmac Staffing believes its associates are going to do a good job in the businesses they are placed in. Impress your employer by working to be an exceptional employee. Contact your staffing specialist for more tips on how to do the best job.  

Happy Boss’s Day! 

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