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Face Your Fears at Work

Face Your Fears at Work

With Halloween approaching, you can find scary movies, spooky costumes, and other frightening things around every corner. But, sometimes, it isn’t just Halloween that is scary. Often, everyday things like public speaking, getting feedback on a big project, or doing a task you’re not familiar with can be intimidating. This fall, don’t let your anxieties drive you batty. Read below to see how you can face your fears in the workplace. 

Are you afraid of taking on new responsibilities?  

Face your fears: If your supervisor has given you additional tasks, take it as a compliment. It means they have confidence that you will do a good job. Keep in mind, no one is an expert the very first time they do something. Learning new things takes time, and you’ll improve as you go. If you have to do something unfamiliar, embrace it as an opportunity to grow your skill set. 

Are you afraid of feedback? 

Face your fears: You’ve worked hard on an assignment, and it’s finally time to turn it in. Often, it can be scary to get feedback on your project. What if you did something wrong? What if it isn’t what your supervisor was looking for? It’s natural to be nervous, but try to keep in mind that feedback can help you do better work in the future.  

Are you afraid of change? 

Face your fears: Do you have to learn a new way of doing things at work? Do you have a new supervisor or coworker? Sometimes even small changes can feel disruptive. While it may take some time to adjust, try to stay flexible. If you’re focused on the past, and only like to do things one way, you might be missing out on more efficient methods. Those who can easily adapt in new situations are valuable to the workplace.  

Are you afraid of public speaking? 

Face your fears: Many people are afraid of talking to large groups of people. It can be intimidating to stand in front of a crowd to explain something or to give directions on a project, but if you’re in a situation where you’re presenting information, it probably means that you’re an expert in that area. You should take confidence from the fact that you were asked to share your knowledge. 

Regardless of what fear you’re facing this fall, be comforted that you’re not alone. We all share anxieties at work from time to time. The trick is to not stop being afraid, but to face your fears head on and do them anyway. 

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