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Character in the Workplace

Character in the Workplace

Penmac prides itself on matching the right people with the right jobs. More than that, though, we strive to operate in a way that exemplifies our motto, “We place people first.” With that, we’ve defined seven core values to shape the way we do business. This year we are celebrating our 35th anniversary by turning back to this foundation, focusing on a different value each month. Last month, we reflected on flexibility and the importance of being able to adapt. Today, we turn to another core value—character.

At Penmac, we strive to be known by integrity and fairness. Our team is building a reputation of trustworthiness, responsibility, and compassion. We work hard to make sure both job seekers and employers are set up for success. We believe that these things make up our character, both as individuals and as a company. Strong character informs our choices, words, and actions.

Character at Penmac

Earlier this month, Penmac’s Regional Vice President shared an example of great character. She said this person always shows great character when helping applicants. She noted that this employee’s character comes from “treating others with integrity, kindness, and respect.” This staff member “is always kind, patient, and thorough when walking applicants through onboarding or answering questions.” She talks applicants through the employment process, ensuring each job seeker fully understands. Often, candidates feel overwhelmed during the job search, and Penmac works to alleviate that stress. Penmac believes great character goes a long way in making someone feel at ease.

Staffing Specialists must have good character when working with businesses to juggle the ever-changing demands of the workforce. We strive to hire a team that is dedicated to always doing the right thing, setting the tone for the relationships we want to build, grow, and nurture. We believe that these relationships are at the core of successful partnerships.

Founded in Springfield, MO in 1988, Penmac has kept the Ozarks’ values of quality character in its roots, even as business has expanded across more than thirty offices in eight states. Want to work with a business with great character? Whether you’re looking for employment or employees, call your local Penmac today, and we’ll be ready to help.

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