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Flexibility in the Workplace

Flexibility in the Workplace

For three and a half decades Penmac has prioritized not just making meaningful connections between job seekers and employers, but doing so in a thoughtful and compassionate way. To ensure that Penmac is truly placing people first, we have defined seven core values to guide our team. Flexibility, the ability to adapt easily and quickly is one of these standards we aspire to. As we enter into our thirty-fifth year of business we are taking time to reflect on these tenets, both in ways they have contributed to Penmac’s success and as a value to aspire to going forward. Flexibility, for instance is at the center of business for the nation’s largest 100% employee-owned staffing agency.


Unlike many publicly-traded businesses with cookie-cutter services, Penmac’s employee-owners adapt quickly to evolving markets and economies. Each day, our staffing specialists face new assignments that require them to think quickly to come up with new solutions. They may be helping a mother return to the workforce, but must accommodate her schedule, wanting to be home when her kids get off the bus in the afternoons. Perhaps a client had to increase production without much notice and needed to quickly find twenty employees by the following day. These scenarios are common in staffing, and at Penmac, we know that flexibility is critical to success.


A Penmac office in southeastern Missouri recently shared how one of their employees demonstrated flexibility. For several years, this staffing specialist served the location’s largest industrial client. Then, earlier this year, the company suffered a big slowdown due to import shortages and a decrease in their workload. Rather than accepting her reduced workload, this Penmac employee adapted, diving into work with other customers, making sure job seekers continue to be matched with opportunities right for them.


Penmac is grateful not just to have a flexible team working in-house, but to be able to offer flexible opportunities to candidates and employers. We understand that many associates are juggling not just employment, but also taking care of kids or a family member and require a schedule outside of the traditional nine to five workday. Penmac offers part and full-time options in a variety of shifts, and has both short and long-term assignments. This flexibility applies to clients as well, as many area businesses have needs that fluctuate with the economy, with supply or demand, or depending on the season of the year.


At Penmac, we know that flexibility contributes to a better work-life balance, increased productivity, and better employee engagement. Are you looking for more flexibility in your work life? Contact your local Penmac today!

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