Penmac Supports Schools

Penmac Education Staffing is partnered with 18 districts throughout Missouri.

While Penmac Staffing is a great place to find a temp job in many different industries, many people don’t know that Penmac is also partnered with 18 school districts throughout Missouri to help schools recruit, hire, and train substitute teachers.



In 2014, Penmac leaders spoke with school administrators throughout the Midwest, and learned that the managing the daily process of substitute teachers is daunting. Finding substitutes for planned or last-minute absences, managing substitute performance, obtaining credentials and background checks can be a full-time job for many districts. We also learned that substitutes weren’t always getting the resources they needed to be successful. At Penmac, we know that education is the key to success in the workplace, and we know that quality education starts early. Students shouldn’t be losing a day of quality learning when their teacher is away. Penmac started its Education Staffing division to help schools manage recruiting, screening, hiring, training, and benefits; and to equip substitutes to excel in the classroom.


You can make a difference as a substitute teacher!

Substitute teachers play a vital role in providing quality education for our children. If you have just 60 hours of college credit in ANY subject, you could be qualified to sub. Substituting is a great way to earn extra income while maintaining a flexible schedule. Substitutes can choose to work every day of the week, or just once a semester! It’s a great way to gain experience and help children. Penmac substitutes receive free training from veteran educators and have opportunities for paid professional development sessions throughout the year. Full-time substitutes have health and retirement benefit options. Candidates must have a Missouri Teaching or Substitute Certificate. Requirements to obtain your certificate include 60 hours of college credit and a background check. If you’re interested in applying or learning more, visit


Learn how Penmac Education Staffing could help your school district.

Penmac Education Staffing can provide peace of mind for your district by taking care of the process of hiring and assigning substitute teachers on a daily basis. Penmac manages all aspects of the process. As a staffing agency, Penmac has thirty years of experience recruiting, screening, and hiring candidates that are a good fit for the position. We have also hired veteran educators to ensure that we are training and supporting our substitutes. We know that our performance in this process is essential to the success of the district. We track our performance and collaborate with schools to provide A+ service.


If you have questions about becoming a substitute teacher, or are an administrator who would like to learn more about Penmac Education Staffing services, please call your local Penmac office today.