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Don’t be Fooled—Learn the Truth about Staffing.

Don’t be Fooled—Learn the Truth about Staffing.

Everyone should be cautious during the week of April Fools’ Day, but you shouldn’t have to worry about being fooled when it comes to working with a temp agency. Penmac Staffing, a provider of human resource services, understands that sometimes it can be difficult to understand staffing business. We want to provide clear communication about what we specialize in by addressing some common misconceptions about the industry. 

Myth: Staffing companies only provide workers for entry-level labor jobs. 

Fact: Penmac Staffing recruits all level of candidates, from entry-level to experienced workers. While we are able to place associates in construction, industrial, manufacturing, and other labor industries, we can also place workers in medical, IT, transportation, clerical, hospitality, and other businesses.  

Myth: Workers from staffing companies are unskilled. 

Fact: Applicants come from a variety of employment backgrounds. Some were laid off from skilled positions, and need work to make ends meet while they hunt for their next opportunity. Others want to learn a new industry. Penmac Staffing tests all associates to make sure they are the best fit in the companies where they are placed.  

Myth: Staffing companies only provide temporary workers. 

Fact: While Penmac Staffing does offer on-demand staffing for employers who need to fill jobs quickly for a limited time, we also offer a variety of other opportunities. Our Temp-to-Hire program gives businesses a chance to try employees to see if they are a good fit for the company, before deciding to hire permanently. Or, businesses can keep employees long-term, potentially for years, while still keeping the worker on Penmac payroll, allowing him or her to receive health care and other benefits directly through Penmac. In addition, Penmac Staffing offers a professional recruitment service, PenPro Talent, which finds highly qualified employees for a specific position. PenPro Talent handles the applicant search and interviewing, and is only paid for successful placement. 

Myth: Staffing companies are too expensive. 

Fact: Our staffing services are charged as a markup on the pay rate for your employees. Often, it is a better value for businesses to outsource their human resource needs, as staffing companies help cover the cost of recruitment, hiring, worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance, healthcare, and other administrative costs.  

Myth: Staffing companies are too slow. 

Fact: Penmac takes pride in its motto. “We place people first.” Not only to we prioritize and value people, but we also try to fill job orders promptly. We have a pool of pre-screened applicants who are ready to work. Most standard positions can be filled within hours. Positions that require a specific skill set can take more time to be sure we have found the best-qualified person.  

Myth: It’s too complicated to work with a staffing company. 

Fact: Our goal at Penmac staffing is to bring employers and employees together in a way that benefits both parties. We streamline human resource services by taking care of everything for the business. Penmac provides recruitment, screening, training, insurance, timesheets, ensuring that the employer can focus on the most important thing—their business.  

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