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5 Ways to Make Your Team More Efficient

5 Ways to Make Your Team More Efficient

With Daylight Saving Time just starting, it seems like a great opportunity to think about time and how to be efficient with it in the workplace. There are lots of things employees can do to make sure they’re punctual and managing their time well at work, but what about employers? Consider what you can do at your workplace to improve time management for your team. 

Create goals. 

Successful projects have clear objectives. Make sure you communicate not just your overall company mission to your employees, but also the daily tasks necessary to reach your broader aim. This helps the leadership team evaluate assignments to ensure that they are all worthwhile, and time is being used efficiently. It also encourages employees to be invested in what they are doing because everyone is on the same page about what you want to accomplish. Having goals helps staff prioritize, organize, and manage their time. 

Encourage teamwork. 

In addition to making sure everyone understands your goals, you also want to foster a culture of teamwork. Teamwork strengthens coworker bonds, creates opportunities for mentorship, and can make a more productive team. If employees understand how each person’s role contributes to the overall picture, it can create better opportunities for teamwork. Employees who work together and know how to delegate when necessary will be able to make better use of their time. 

Allow freedom. 

Structure and goal setting are important, but it’s also key to let your employees have some flexibility. Each person works differently. Some employees like to do the unpleasant tasks first; others would rather begin with simple things they can get out of the way. If you allow each person to work however he or she works best, you’ll get the most out of your staff. 

Make a plan. 

In addition to having company and project goals, create a specific plan for how you plan to achieve those goals. Depending on what works best for your business, have a calendar or to-do list that everyone can view. Set deadlines so employees know how to manage their time. As you make a plan, make sure you include breaks in your schedule; your team will be refreshed and more energized to work.  


With anything, it’s key that you continue to evaluate its effectiveness. As you work to improve time management, continually look at tasks to make sure there isn’t an even more efficient way to do something. Stay tuned in to what is happening at your business so you will have more knowledge about your team, your business, and the way you can get the most out of your time. 

If you’re looking for more ways to save time at work, call your local Penmac office for details on how we can help take the stresses of recruitment, hiring, and payroll off your plate! Don’t forget to spring forward this Sunday, and move your clocks forward one hour.  

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