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Watch Out for Outdated and Inaccurate Job Descriptions on Some Online Job Boards

Watch Out for Outdated and Inaccurate Job Descriptions on Some Online Job Boards

In recent weeks, several job seekers have contacted us about Penmac positions they have seen advertised on third-party job sites that, unfortunately, show incorrect information. Frequently, the posts contain an incorrect salary range or are listings for jobs that have been filled for quite some time—some as long as six months! This was a surprise to us, since Penmac unpublishes job listings very soon after they are filled. After investigating these incorrect listings, we discovered that certain websites have been reposting old jobs from our job board at These jobs then appear on Google Jobs, which pulls listings from those third-party websites. 

We believe these sites may be posting outdated jobs to increase the number of jobs available on their website, increase their web traffic, and capture the personal information of job seekers. (It is possible that there is a technical issue that needs to be resolved, but because sometimes these jobs are posted after they have already been unpublished from our website, it’s hard to believe these posts are accidental.) 

We are working on ways to have these jobs removed from those sites and prevent other outdated jobs from being published again, but some of the sites have no way for us to contact them or haven’t responded to our messages. We would like to apologize for any confusion these posts may cause.  

If you want to be sure you are searching accurate job listings, you can search directly on our website, or Penmac also publishes directly to Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and SnagAJob, and we remove posts promptly once those jobs are filled. If you see a Penmac job on Google Jobs, or any other job website, but can’t currently find it at, it may be an outdated post that shouldn’t be posted by these sites. Please contact your local Penmac if you have any questions or concerns about Penmac job postings you may see. You can also apply now on our website and we’ll be in touch when we have a job that matches your skillset and experience. 

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