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Online Recruitment in 2023

Online Recruitment in 2023

Three Things to Know about Online Recruitment in 2023

Like many aspects of our lives, employee recruitment has experienced rapid change in the post-pandemic world. Here are three things affecting online recruitment that employers should be aware of in 2023: 

1. More job postings will include pay ranges.

The trend of including pay ranges in job postings will likely continue in 2023. In 2022, about 12% of postings included salary ranges, which is an increase from 8% in 2019. According to Indeed, employers who include pay in their job descriptions receive up to two times more applications. Including a pay rate allows job seekers to self-select out before applying for a job that may pay less than their desired salary, building a more qualified applicant pool of candidates most likely to accept the position and saving recruiters time (and therefore reducing time-to-fill rates). “Advertising market-rate pay information in a job title is one of the easiest methods to attract new candidates and gain a competitive edge over other employers,” said Andrew Flowers, lead labor economist at Appcast. 

In states including Colorado, California, and Washington, companies with 15 or more employees are now required by law to include a salary range in posted job descriptions. More than a dozen other states require employers to disclose salary ranges to applicants upon `request. After Colorado’s law was enacted in 2021, daily job postings on Indeed fell by 8.2%, but there was a 1.5% increase in the labor force participation rate compared with the neighboring state of Utah. 

While pay rate is important, job seekers also value health and retirement plans, flexible schedules, paid time off, remote work options, and other benefits, so be sure to include the highlights of your compensation plan and company culture.

2. Jobs on Facebook is shutting down.

Meta announced in December 2022 that Jobs on Facebook will no longer be available after February 23, 2023. This feature allows companies to create job postings with fields for pay rate, hours, job description, and other job-related specifics. Facebook users could apply for those jobs via Facebook Messenger using information from their Facebook profiles. Meta disabled the Facebook job board that allowed users to search job listings in their area in February 2022, which led to a dramatic decline in applications from Facebook users. The end of job-formatted postings on business pages will completely end the option to accept applications on Facebook. 

Instead, employers can create Facebook posts using links to job postings on their own website or from other job boards such as Indeed or ZipRecruiter. Sharing these posts in local Facebook Groups for job seekers can be a great way to find applicants but be sure to include clear instructions on how to apply and monitor comments on your posts in the group.  

3. Recruitment processes will become more streamlined.

 According to the most recent numbers from the Federal Reserve Economic Data, there were more than 10 million unfilled job vacancies in the United States in October 2022, with only 264,000 unemployed Americans. Competition for candidates remains tough, so employers must make the application, interview, and onboarding processes as easy and quick as possible. Long, complicated applications and intensive interviews might mean employers lose candidates to competitors with faster and simpler processes.  

Employers may consider using a short-form application on their website or job board to first capture basics such as contact information and a resume or short work history, then conduct a short screening call or video interview to determine if the applicant might be a good fit before asking them to continue with an in-depth application or pre-employment assessments.  

Recruitment automation software and tools will continue to grow in 2023. Standard tasks such as scheduling interview times and sending pre-employment assessments or onboarding documents can be built into automated workflows, giving recruiters more time for conversations and personal connections with candidates. Candidates don’t have to wait for a recruiter to have time to manually send a standard follow-up task, further streamlining the hiring process. 


Stay Ahead of the Trends

At Penmac Staffing, we are continually monitoring the latest recruitment trends and testing and implementing the newest technologies. If your business needs help hiring temporary, long-term, or direct hire employees, we are here to help you stay ahead of the competition and attract and the most qualified candidates. Contact us today to connect with a Penmac representative. 

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