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How do I prepare for a video interview?

How do I prepare for a video interview?

Video interviews are becoming more and more common, as video technology becomes more widely accessible, and companies work to accommodate the needs of those who need more flexibility in application procedures. As hiring evolves, some job seekers may struggle to navigate newer processes. Online applications and virtual interviews are quickly becoming the norm. If you’re looking for work, make sure you’re prepared for the possibility of a video interview. What should you expect? How do video interviews work? Read below for some tips. 



In many ways a video interview is very similar to an in-person interview. Interviewing, whether if you’re in a person’s office, or calling in virtually, is an opportunity for a manager and candidate to get to know each other to consider if an opportunity is a good match. You can prepare by making sure you’ve thoroughly reviewed the job description for the position you’re applying for. When relevant, research the company and consider questions you might have for the hiring manager.  


Dress professionally.   

Not all interviews require formal attire, but it’s always good to be clean and put together. Consider the position you are applying for when deciding how you should dress. Regardless, remember that just because you might be interviewing from the comfort of your home does not mean it’s informal. Be sure to have your hair brushed and wear appropriate clothing. 


Plan ahead. 

Unlike an in-person interview that you can just show up to, you’ll have to think in advance about a virtual interview. Think about where you will set up during your interview. Do you have an in-home office or other quiet area? Choose a space that has a somewhat neutral background. If you can, avoid being in a bedroom or other private area that wouldn’t seem appropriate for a potential employer to see. Avoid setting up in a place that has distracting things in the frame. Are other family members or roommates going to be there during the interview? If so, consider finding a place with a door or letting your family know in advance that they will need to be quiet during your scheduled interview time. 


Test your technology. 

The other difference with a virtual interview is technology. Do you plan on doing your video interview on a computer or on your phone? If possible, try it with a friend in advance. If you’re using a phone, practice propping it up rather than holding it during an interview. Pay attention to sound as well; will you need headphones? Test your sound when you’re practicing video with a friend. Be sure to know in advance how the interviewer will be contacting you—will they be calling you or should you call thenm at a particular time? Is there a certain app or site the interviewer will be using? Gather this information ahead of time.  


Overall, most interviewers will be understanding if there’s a technical glitch or small logistical hiccups in video interviews as long as you are professional throughout the process. With any interview, focus on giving thoughtful answers, making eye contact, and being knowledgeable about the position you are discussing. For more interview tips, or to learn more about the job search process, contact your local Penmac office today. 


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