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How Thanksgiving Can Remind You of Your Job Search

How Thanksgiving Can Remind You of Your Job Search

For those who are looking for employment, the job search process is never far from your mind—even during the holidays. Thanksgiving comes just as the leaves are changing. Change is also an essential part of transitioning into a new job. As you enjoy Thanksgiving with your family and friends this year, you may start to notice some parallels between the holiday and your job search. 

Create a Recipe for Success. 

This Thanksgiving, you may be looking forward to eating your Grandmother’s famous pumpkin pie or your aunt’s green bean casserole. Just as each family has its own special recipes and traditions, each person has his or her own particular method of job hunting. Regardless of your specific method, you have a recipe, or plan, for your search. The first step is always to make sure you have all the necessary ingredients, whether resumes, references, and cover letters—or turkey, green beans, and rolls. 

Cooking up Perfection! 

Once you’ve got all your fixings, it’s time to get cooking. Remember, you don’t have to do it on your own. Just as you can enlist your relatives to help with preparing a feast, there are also plenty of people who can help you find work to fit your needs. Penmac Staffing Specialists can work with you to find employment that is a great match for your skills and schedule. Contact your nearest office to learn more about what opportunities are available. 

Count Your Blessings. 

You’ve enjoyed your feast, the dishes are soaking, and you’re feeling full and tired. The job hunt can be just as exhausting as the holiday meal, but it can also be just as satisfying. While there may be a small amount of luck involved in looking for employment (think turkey wishbone), it’s your hard work that will truly lead to a job you love.   

Penmac Staffing is grateful for the opportunity to create successful connections between job seekers and businesses. Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Penmac! 

To allow employees to spend time with their families, Penmac offices will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2023. 

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