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Gear Up for Manufacturing Day!

Gear Up for Manufacturing Day!

Each fall, businesses come together to promote and celebrate the manufacturing industry with Manufacturing Day. This year, National Manufacturing Day falls on Friday, October 6th. Penmac Staffing has the opportunity to work with local manufacturers across the nation, and knows the important role they fill in our communities and our economies. This week is the perfect time to show our appreciation to manufacturing companies everywhere. 

What is Manufacturing Day? 

Manufacturing Day is a nationwide celebration that occurs each fall. Businesses host events and open houses to educate the public about manufacturing, encourage younger generations to consider a career in the field, improve the image of the industry, and to show appreciation to the manufacturers in our local communities. This annual day gives manufacturers a chance to send a collective, unified message about the industry. 

Why Should We Celebrate? 

The manufacturing sector accounts for 12% of the gross domestic product in the United States. Consider the vast impact of manufacturers—they drive nearly every aspect of the economy in some way. Have you ever been at a store, and wondered, “How was this made?” or thought about an item or device you rely on, and wonder who made it? Manufacturers are a huge part of not just the nation’s economy, but also our daily lives. The industry supports approximately 17.6 million jobs—these individuals build, fix, and make the things that we depend on.  

What Can I do? 

If you’re a manufacturer, consider hosting an event or plant tour. Although Manufacturing Day is officially celebrated on the first Friday of each October, any day can be a Manufacturing Day. Job seekers and others who are looking to learn more about the industry can click here to find an event in their area. Whether you’re a business or an individual, Manufacturing Day is the perfect opportunity for teaching and learning the industry’s role in your community. 

Penmac Staffing feels privileged to work with many different manufacturing businesses and their dedicated staffs. Thank you to the manufacturers who work so hard for our nation! 

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