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All I Want for Christmas is a Job!

All I Want for Christmas is a Job!

While your first instinct during this hectic time may be to take a break from searching for a job, there are benefits to looking for employment during the holidays.  

The weather outside is frightful. 

Between busy schedules and cold weather, most people don’t make an effort to look for work this time of year, which means that many hiring managers may be less busy than usual. Often, businesses are less busy during the holiday, having caught up with their production schedules, and slowing down as employees take off to travel and spend time with their families. Most job seekers have taken the season off, which means there is less competition. Some employers may be looking for staff for the new year and ready to hire. 

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas! 

Not only is this month potentially better for manager schedules, but it also offers good networking opportunities and icebreakers. Many groups and businesses have holiday parties, which are great chances for you to network and introduce yourself to people who you might not otherwise meet. These connections could lead to a potential interview. Also, this time of year gives you an automatic icebreaker; the holidays are an easy topic to use for small talk, which is great for parties or interviews. 

There’s no time like the present to job hunt. 

While others relax, you can get ahead of the game by staying on top of your job search—scheduling interviews and networking. And, if you want to go above and beyond, consider accepting a seasonal position. These jobs can help you get your foot in the door at a great company, will help you meet new people, and gain valuable skills. If you’re not interested in seasonal work, the holidays have lots of opportunities for you to volunteer in your community. This looks great on your resume, and can also have some of the same benefits of seasonal work. 

Looking for a job is hard work, but finally finding that position that meets your needs will be worth it. Stop by your local Penmac office to learn more.  

All Penmac offices will be closed on Monday, December 25th.

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