Missouri Prime Beef Packers and Penmac Staffing Services Partner

Kickoff On-Site Hiring Event to be Held Sept. 1st

Missouri Prime Beef Packers, a local producer of high-quality beef, in partnership with Penmac Staffing Services is launching the latest Penmac on Premise, which will enable job seekers to apply in person at MO Prime Beef Packers in Pleasant Hope, MO.


The beginning of this exclusive partnership means Penmac will now have an on-site office and staff at Missouri Prime Beef facilities to handle interviewing and onboarding, as well as support and coach employees when needed. Candidates can apply in person at Missouri Prime Beef at 5305 Highway H, Pleasant Hope, MO between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday. There are currently immediate openings for a variety of positions, including meat processing, maintenance, shipping, and more. Pay starts at $14.25 per hour during training, but most workers will soon be earning $16+ per hour within a few weeks.


Leaders from both companies are looking forward to a great relationship. Stuart Stringer, Penmac Vice President of Branch Operations, said, “This collaboration is a great fit. MO Prime Beef is community-minded and goes above and beyond for their employees. Not only do they have a reputation for producing high quality beef, but they’re fantastic to work with.”


The mission at Missouri Prime is “to enrich the lives of our team, our community, and our country by producing quality food in a sustainable way. To return more prosperity to the American worker, and quality beef to the American consumer. We promise to Honor our associations to our partners and community with integrity, clarity, and compassion.”


At Missouri Prime Beef Packers, job seekers have the opportunity to join a team that is committed to safely producing a high-quality product. This commitment motivates the company to ensure team members are thoroughly trained and well-compensated, making work enjoyable and their goals attainable. Our trainers, leads, and supervisors ensure each team member is working in the department and position that best fits their skill set and preferences whenever possible.


By beginning the Missouri Prime Beef Packers experience with Penmac Staffing, candidates have a chance to see if the job duties, working environment, and company culture are a good fit. Plus, applicants enjoy benefits such as an affordable health insurance option from day one of your employment–no waiting period!


Penmac will be hosting a kickoff hiring event at Missouri Prime Beef Packers on Thursday, September 1 from 11am-5pm. There will be open interviews, free snacks, and gifts for applicants. Candidates will have the chance to win a $100 gift card as well. Attendees should bring their work histories and two forms of ID.


If you can’t make it to the job fair, but are still interested in employment, view job details and apply online at www.penmac.com/moprime. Or, if you’d like to learn more, call us at 417-275-9950.

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