Four Ways to Attract and Retain Talent in 2021

How can employers meet the challenge of today's labor market?

There’s a Now Hiring sign on every corner and recruitment ads everywhere online, on TV, and on the radio. If you’re an employer, you’ve definitely felt the challenge of recruiting during this never-before-seen labor market. When job seekers can take their pick of positions (or live comfortably without a full-time job, thanks to stimulus and enhanced unemployment payments), how can businesses attract and retain talent?

At Penmac Staffing, we recruit and hire for hundreds of companies. Last year, we employed over 20,000 individuals. We’ve noticed a few things that successful employers have in common. Here are a few recommendations that will help companies build strong teams and reduce costly turnover:

1. Treat Your Team Well

  • Make your company a place where people are happy to work. It might seem like common sense, but an enjoyable workplace is not so common.
  • Make new hires feel welcomed and included. If you use temporary workers, don’t treat them differently than your own employees.
  • Be kind and fair; give second–even third–chances whenever possible. Some of the best employees are those who have been coached and encouraged to learn from mistakes.

2. Communicate Clearly with All Applicants

  • Treat job applicants and employees with the same excellent service you provide to customers. Your employment brand is a key part of your overall brand.
  • Update applicants throughout the process. Many job seekers are applying for multiple jobs, and you may miss your chance at a great candidate if your competitor replies to them faster.
  • Communicate with all applicants clearly and in a timely manner. Even if you reject a candidate, if you treat them well, you may be creating a future customer or client.

3. Simplify the Application Process

  • Have you tried to apply for a job at your company recently?
  • Is your online application mobile-friendly? Over 75% of Penmac’s web traffic is from mobile devices.
  • If the process is too long or complicated, you can turn away even talented applicants who may fear everything at your company is outdated or tedious.

4. Offer Truly Competitive Pay and Benefits

  • Ensure your pay rates match the market. Stay up to date with what your competitors and other employers in the market are paying.
  • Provide clear information about pay and benefits in the posted job description. If you can at least post a pay range, job seekers will be more willing to take the time to apply and interview.
  • Consider adding or improving benefits and bonuses, such as attendance or referral bonuses.

The common denominator for all these recommendations is a familiar, fundamental rule: treat others as you would want to be treated. Put yourself in the shoes of a job seeker—what is it like to apply for a position at your company? Why would someone want to work for you rather than the company across the street? Whether it’s great pay, a fun environment, flexible schedules, or some other benefit, none of those will matter in the long-term if employees feel unappreciated or are treated poorly. At Penmac, that’s why we put the emphasis on “people” in our tagline: “We Place People First.”

If you need help placing people first, contact your local Penmac Staffing office.


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