How to Handle the Financial Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic

It's normal to feel anxious about finances during this time.

Many people are feeling anxious about the future during this time. Many are rightly worried about lost income and how they will provide for their family. Here are a few things you can do to help yourself through this situation:

  • If you’re having trouble paying your bills, contact your lenders, landlord, credit card companies, the utility company, and other organizations you owe right away. Let them know you have lost income due to the pandemic. Many have programs in place to defer payments during this time.
  • If you are laid off due to the impact of coronavirus, check with staffing agencies like Penmac Staffing for temporary job opportunities that can help you earn until you can return to your original job. Many companies still need workers to produce and move goods and provide other services to the nation. Check your state’s Department of Labor website for the latest information on unemployment benefits. The federal government may also be offering financial assistance during this time, so watch the news for developments.
  • Watch out for scammers who look for opportunities to take advantage of the vulnerable. The government will never ask for a payment in order to get financial assistance. If you receive a call from anyone claiming to be the government or a bill collector asking for your financial information, look up their phone number on their company website. Call them back at that official number so you know you’re talking directl­­y to the company, and not a scammer.
  • Start building an emergency fund. The threat of lost income is much less frightening if you have a small amount of savings you can fall back on. When you’re back to having regular income, start by putting away a small amount each month so you’re ready for the next crisis, whether it’s a worldwide pandemic, or a personal challenge. (If you’d like more advice on this, please read How to Save More Money.)

For more information, please read Protect Yourself Financially from the Impact of Coronavirus from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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