Do You Have a Job for Me?

Penmac has a variety of employment opportunities!

If you’re looking for work, whether it’s for your first job, a summer job, or a career to last years, Penmac can help! Penmac is a staffing company, which means businesses hire us to help them find employees. Job seekers and employees are never charged a fee. The great part about using a staffing company for your job hunt, is you just have to apply once to be eligible for all sorts of jobs! Penmac has something for almost everyone. Here are some job seeker commonly asked questions.


What if I don’t have any experience? Do you have a job for me?

Yes! Penmac has a lot of opportunities where on-the-job training is provided—all you need is a great attitude and good work ethic.


What if I do have experience and don’t want an entry-level position? Do you have a job for me?

Yes! Since Penmac hires for all sorts of positions for different types of companies, we also need great applicants who are looking for a skilled job. We often need drivers, welders, IT technicians, nurses, professional candidates, substitute teachers, and more.


I have schedule limitations. Do you have a job for me?

Yes! Penmac has both part-time and full-time opportunities. You can work first, second, or third shifts; weekdays or weekends; every day or once a month! Our staffing specialists will work with you to find a position that fits your schedule.


I’m looking for a long-term position I can rely on. Do you have a job for me?

Yes! It’s a common misconception that staffing agencies only have temp jobs. Penmac offers both temp-to-hire and long-term assignments. Temp-to-hire assignments are great for individuals and companies to get to know each other to figure out if they would be a good fit, before permanently accepting a position.


I just need something for the summer. Do you have a job for me?

Yes! We have lots of summer positions to choose from. We hire for hotels, restaurants, and other companies that get busy during the summer months! Some Penmac offices are looking for park workers, staff help to preserve lakes and rivers, concessions employees, raceway event staff, and more! If you’re just graduating, be sure to take advantage of our $200 bonus for 2019 graduates!


How do I see what jobs are currently available?

Visit the Penmac website. On the Job Seekers tab, there are green job search buttons, where you can browse open positions. Search by the location nearest to you, as Penmac has more than thirty offices in nine states. Keep in mind that our positions change daily! If you don’t see something that fits your needs right now, check back tomorrow! The best way to find the perfect position is to complete the online application at, and then stop by your nearest Penmac to let a staffing specialist know what sort of position you’re looking for. When something comes up that is a good fit, Penmac will give you a call!