How do I Become a Substitute?

Complete these three steps to make a difference as a sub!

Would you like to make a difference as a substitute teacher? Penmac Education Staffing is now hiring substitutes for nearly twenty districts in Missouri. In order to ensure the safety and education of our children, applicants must complete the following process to become a substitute.


  1. Complete the requirements.
    1. FINGERPRINTING AND A BACKGROUND CHECK:All applicants must go through the Missouri Highway Patrol to complete fingerprinting and the background check. Visit this site and enter the four-digit registration code. Contact your local Penmac office before entering your code, as some districts require specific codes. Once you complete the registration online, you will schedule an appointment to complete the fingerprinting process.
    2. FAMILY CARE SAFETY REGISTRATION (FCSR): Visit this site to complete the registration for FCSR. You will need your social security number, an e-mail address, and a credit or debit card. For more detailed instructions, or if you have questions on how to register, please contact Penmac Education Staffing.
    3. SUBSTITUTE CERTIFICATION:Additionally, to become a Substitute Teacher, you must have a Substitute Certificate with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). To apply, you must have at least 60 college credit hours. Complete an application with DESE by clicking here. You will need an official transcript from your college. If you have a valid teaching certificate, you do not need to apply for substitute certification. If you are interested in Secretary, Custodial, OR Kitchen positions only, a substitute certificate is not required.


  1. Complete the online employment application at


  1. Our Penmac Education Staffing team will contact you to schedule onboarding training.


Feel free to call your local Penmac office with any questions throughout the process.