Spring into Action with Your Job Search

Read how you can be more proactive when looking for work.

As spring approaches next week, the warmer weather and blooming flowers might make you feel more energized. Looking for a job can sometimes be frustrating, but there are some things you can do to make sure you’re being proactive in your search. What does it mean to be proactive in your job search? Proactive job seekers don’t just search for jobs through online job boards, submit applications online, and wait for an opportunity to cross their paths. Instead, they actively research companies, follow-up after applying, and use their network to learn about unlisted opportunities. Consider these ways you can be more proactive.


Passive: I can’t find any job postings that I want to apply for.

Proactive: Checking job boards like Monster and Indeed can be a great place to start a job search, but don’t stop there. If you don’t see any opportunities that you’re interested in, keep looking. Is there a certain company you want to work for? Periodically check their website for openings, or contact the HR Department to let them know you’re interested in employment that might become available. Potentially, this puts you at an advantage because you may discover an opportunity before it is public knowledge.


Passive: I submitted an application online, but haven’t heard anything. Now what?

Proactive: More and more businesses have moved to online applications. While this can sometimes streamline the process, it also can make things feel more automated. If you completed an application online and the business doesn’t contact you within a few days, feel free to contact them to follow-up (unless the company indicates you shouldn’t). Try calling or emailing the HR Department or Hiring Manager.


Passive: No one will hire me!

Proactive: The job search process can be frustrating for everyone. Keep in mind that it takes time to find the position that’s right for you. If you’ve been hunting for a while with no results, take a moment to evaluate your process. Are you applying for positions that match your skills and qualifications? Have you had someone proofread your resume and applications for spelling or grammar errors? Have you been following up after submitting applications? As you approach businesses about employment, make sure you are telling them what you can contribute to a position, not simply telling them how much you need a job.


A job search can be slightly different if you’re applying at a staffing company. Staffing companies hire for different businesses throughout the area, so when you apply at a staffing company, one application is good for hundreds of different jobs. It’s like having a friend with connections. Still, just like with any other position, make sure you stay in touch. If you don’t hear from someone, give them a call. Many temp agencies actually request for you to call them on a regular basis.