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How to Show Employees Appreciation

How to Show Employees Appreciation

While there are many ways employers can boost employee happiness, showing your appreciation is an easy, effective way to increase workplace morale (and boost productivity!). To help your team love their job more this Valentine’s Day, consider these tips. 

Say it.

The simplest way you can recognize your employees is to verbally tell them you appreciate their hard work. When they finish a big project, or do well on a specific task let them know that you’ve noticed. 

Write it down.

If you don’t have an opportunity to talk in person, take a moment to jot down a few words. Whether you write a short email, or leave a note on their desk, employees will be grateful you made the time. 

Share it.

Recognize staff publicly through a company newsletter, employee of the month program, or at a weekly meeting. This is a great way to set an example of outstanding performance while also making the employee feel valued. 

Reward staff.

Try different ways of incentivizing your team. What motivates them? Extra vacation time? A bonus? It could be as simple as bringing lunch into the office. Figure out what your team values.  

Make connections.

Praise won’t mean anything unless it’s genuine. Invest time in developing relationships with employees. This will give you insight into what motivates your employees, while also making them feel appreciated. 

Focus on the job.

If an employee is doing exceptionally well, look for ways you can help him or her grow in the position. Consider giving the person new responsibilities or even a promotion. 

Be specific.

While “Job well done!” is nice to hear, it will mean even more if you can tell an employee specifically what you’re proud of. It shows that you’re not just praising for the sake of praising; you notice and appreciate your team. 

Don’t wait.

If you’re impressed by job performance, let the person know as soon as you can. If an employee works hard on a project, and doesn’t receive feedback he or she might start to question whether they’ve done well or not. Let them know if they have! 

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