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What Supervisors Can Do to Resolve Conflict

What Supervisors Can Do to Resolve Conflict

As much time as most people tend to spend at work, there is bound to be conflict or disagreements among staff. People have different communication styles, personalities, etc., and sometimes don’t always get along. What can you do as a supervisor to make sure your team can work together well? 

Help your staff understand the importance of teamwork. 

Teamwork can bring staff together and strengthen bonds between coworkers. Making sure your employees have strong, positive relationships can boost overall happiness, wellbeing, and productivity at work. When your team is more content, there is less turnover. Working together also creates opportunities for mentorships, which can improve your business by providing a natural source of learning and motivation. Teamwork encourages a variety of perspectives, which can boost creativity and problem solving. 

Figure out the conflict. 

If your staff doesn’t seem to be getting along well, spend some time figuring out what’s happening. You may have to spend some time with your employees, or try talking to them one-on-one. Be sure you get all sides of the story. Is there workplace gossip? Unbalanced workloads? A feeling of favoritism? If possible, give them a chance to work things out on their own. Don’t wait too long, though. You want to address the situation before it gets too much out of hand. Often, getting the HR Department involved can help. Your HR person is likely experienced at handling conflict. 

Implement solutions. 

Once you know what is going on, brainstorm ways to resolve the situation. Have the team suggest possible solutions so they have ownership in the process. Offer different communication tips or coping mechanisms that may help. Lead by example; sometimes employees need to see someone model proper behavior. Try to work with your team and emphasize each person’s strengths. If necessary, refer to the employee handbook. If staff continues to have trouble getting along, even after trying different resolutions, you may consider restructuring your teams and reassigning projects. 

Managers and company leadership have an important role in shaping company culture. If you’re continually trying to solve workplace disputes, consider making some changes. Spend more time with your team, practice employee appreciation, and offer more opportunities (both social and on projects) for employees to work together. If you need help recruiting, hiring, or managing staff, contact your nearest Penmac branch. 

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