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Do You Know What Penmac and Pizza Have in Common?

Do You Know What Penmac and Pizza Have in Common?

It’s delivered quickly, made to order, and as easy as pie. What is it? That’s the riddle—both the staffing services here at Penmac and America’s favorite meal offer a recipe for success. According to the Department of Agriculture, on any given day, one in eight Americans eat pizza. Similarly, Penmac hires thousands of associates each year and serves hundreds of area businesses. Though they might be cheesy, read these traits that Penmac and pizza have in common. 

1. As Easy As Pie 

Between family and work and exercise and all the things you have to keep up with, at the end of a long day the last thing you want to do is think about making dinner—pizza’s the answer. It’s fast, it’s easy, not to mention delicious. On the same token, if you’re responsible for managing a workplace you’ve got a lot on your plate (so to speak). That’s where Penmac comes in. When your to do list get too long and you need an extra hand, Penmac can make your job easier by providing extra staff, managing employee benefits, taking care of payroll, and more. 

2. Something for all Tastes 

Some people like pepperoni; others like cheese. Thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust… With so many toppings and styles to choose from, you can make a pizza just how you like it. As an employee-owned company, Penmac has the flexibility to offer custom staffing solutions tailored specifically to meet your unique needs. Some businesses may need help recruiting employees. Others have the hiring covered, but benefit from Penmac’s low pricing on background screenings and assessments. Whatever you need, Penmac has something for all customers, big and small. 

3. Made to Order 

If you’re having a pizza party, you need a bunch of large pizzas, but if you just need a quick lunch for yourself, you might order by the slice. It’s the same at Penmac—staffing is not one size fits all. We offer on-demand, temp-to-hire, long-term, and permanent staffing options. Depending on what you need, you can choose what services will best benefit your company. Not only does Penmac offer a variety of staffing options, we also specialize in many industries, including industrial, clerical, medical, and hospitality, among others. 

4. It Delivers 

Do you remember the promotion where if your pizza wasn’t delivered in 30 minutes or less, it was free? Penmac can deliver staffing services nearly as fast. We know that your business is continually changing, and that you need prompt solutions. We work hard to deliver quality services quickly. And, just as pizza can be served to your doorstep, Penmac can provide on-site coordinators to oversee and manage workers at your job. 

5. Saves you Dough 

You’ve seen it in movies—the chef tossing pizza dough in the air, catching it just in time to save it from hitting the ground. Penmac can save your dough, too. As a premier provider of human resource services, Penmac is able to offer clients services at a great value. By outsourcing your HR needs to Penmac, you save costs by getting discounted prices on screenings and background checks, not having to spend time and resources recruiting and interviewing, and letting Penmac handle the hassles of ACA compliance, worker’s compensation claims, and unemployment insurance. 

Good in all seasons, pizza and Penmac make everyone happy—they give us a reason to celebrate—fast, affordable, and custom-made. As you’re digesting this food for thought, give a Penmac team member a call, and we’ll be at your service. 

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