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South Hill, VA opened a Penmac Staffing branch in 1998 to help employers recruit and hire a qualified workforce, while also helping with HR administrative tasks such as medical and retirement benefits, unemployment insurance, and worker’s compensation. Similarly, we work with locals to help them find jobs that meet their unique needs. Penmac works within the city of South Hill, as well as the neighboring areas of Lacrosse, VA; Brodnax, VA; Lawrenceville, VA; and Boydton, VA. If you’re nearby and looking for work, Penmac regularly hires warehouse associates, forklift operators, shipping and receiving clerks, material handlers, data entry personnel, and clerical assistants.

Business in South Hill, VA 

South Hill, VA has an ideal transportation infrastructure for trucking access, making it an excellent place for industrial and other distribution businesses. The city has two industrial parks with numerous manufacturing facilities. In addition, agriculture, retail, and fishing all play important roles in the local economy. South Hill is proud of its labor market, where individuals have a strong work ethic, good loyalty, low absenteeism, and little turnover.

 About South Hill, VA

In southern Virginia, South Hill derived its name from its location—just south of “the little mountain.” Between the Roanoke and Meherrin rivers, South Hill is located in Mecklenburg County, and has about 5,000 residents. South Hill, VA is one of only three towns in the United States that was originally planned and developed in a circular pattern. The town’s radius extends outward, with the outer limits of the city all extending just over half a mile from a central point.

Jessie Williams, Branch Manager

Jessie Williams, Branch Manager of the South Hill Penmac office, has been a local resident of South Hill for 22 years. After working for five years in sales and marketing across the state of Virginia, Williams joined the Penmac team in 2018. “As a longtime resident of South Hill, I privileged to know the history of the town and its surrounding communities, as well as what it is looking for in regard to future growth,” Williams said. “At Penmac, we are not just finding jobs for our associates, we are helping them change their lives.”

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