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At Penmac, we take the time to understand your business before finding solutions to meet your temporary or long-term staffing needs. We also work closely with job seekers to learn their specific employment requirements. If you’re looking for a position in Owensville, MO, Penmac Staffing can help. While we have many positions, we are often looking for candidates in material handling, packing, general labor, assembly, injection molding, screen printing, shipping and receiving, fork truck driving, and maintenance.


Business in Owensville, MO 

Owensville is proud of its active business community, which has a strong industrial base. Owensville has a large plastics fabrication company, which employs many area residents. It is also home to a commercial printing firm that produces books, workbooks, brochures, and other publications. The town also has industries in brick manufacturing and clay mining.


About Owensville, MO

Owensville, MO is a city of approximately 3,000 citizens Gasconade County. Located in east central Missouri, Owensville serves as a center for several small towns that surround the city, including Hermann, Belle, St. James, Cuba, Steelville, Sullivan, Bourbon, and Gerald. Owensville has many churches, an excellent school system, four parks, numerous community organizations, and several annual festivals.

Dawn Wiegers, Area Manager

In 2004, Dawn Wiegers started working with Penmac Staffing. Initially hired as a Staffing Specialist, Wiegers was soon promoted to an on-site coordinator position, and then later to the job of branch manager. Wiegers is now an area manager, overseeing both the Owensville, MO and St. Peters, MO locations. She says she loves her job, and has an exceptional team. “It’s exciting to help applicants better themselves in a rewarding job,” Wiegers comments.

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