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Marshfield, MO first became home to a Penmac Staffing location in 1991. It was the fourth Penmac branch to open; today Penmac is at 32 locations and growing. Penmac has connected talented job seekers with excellent employers since 1988. The Marshfield Penmac works in the town of Marshfield, as well as in Rogersville, Seymour, Strafford, and Fordland helping individuals and companies with staffing. Although the Marshfield branch works with companies and candidates from a variety of industries, the office frequently works to find assemblers, welders, general labor, and machine operators.

Business in Marshfield, MO 

Many companies in Marshfield, MO are focused on retail trades. Residents of the small town frequently have jobs in local grocery stores and other shops. Others work in Marshfield’s manufacturing industry. The town has many positions for employees working in warehouse positions with metals and plastics.

About Marshfield, MO

Located in the Ozarks in Southwest Missouri, Marshfield is a small town with just over 6,000 residents. Just off of Interstate 44, Marshfield is a rural community with quick access to nearby towns and the Springfield, MO metropolitan area. It is the seat of Webster County, and Historic Route 66 still runs through the city. Families and individuals enjoy living in an area where they know their neighbors, are involved in their local schools (go Blue Jays!), and don’t have to travel far for the amenities of a larger city.

Michelle Cologna, Area Manager

Michelle Cologna serves as the Penmac Staffing Area Manager for the offices in Lebanon, MO and Marshfield, MO. Cologna started working with Penmac in 2010, and enjoys the opportunity to help better the community by providing employers with quality workers, and matching individuals with employment that fits their skills.

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