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Our staffing agency can recruit and hire talented candidates on your behalf, while taking care of HR hassles like benefits administration and unemployment insurance. Or, if you’re a job seeker, Penmac can help you find employment. We often need applicants who want to work in assembly, machining, welding, clerical, and general labor. In addition to working in Lebanon, MO, we also work in the surrounding cities of Richland, Falcon, Eldridge, Stoutland, Waynesville, and St. Robert.

Business in Lebanon, MO 

Business in Lebanon, MO is primarily focused on manufacturing and farming. Lebanon, MO is headquarters to Tracker Marine Group, which builds the most popular fishing and recreational boats in the world. Electrical and socket producer, the Durham Company is also located in Lebanon, giving workers plenty of opportunities to work in manufacturing.

About Lebanon, MO

Located in the Ozarks, Lebanon, MO, and has nearly 15,000 residents. It is the seat of Laclede County, and sits on Historic Route 66. Just miles away from Bennett Spring State park, locals and visitors have close access to plenty of trout fishing. With nine schools, a hospital, and a low cost of living, Lebanon, MO is a great place to raise a family.

Michelle Cologna, Branch Manager

Michelle Cologna serves as the Penmac Staffing Branch Manager for the office in Lebanon, MO. Cologna started working with Penmac in 2010, and enjoys the opportunity to help better the community by providing employers with quality workers, and matching individuals with employment that fits their skills.

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