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Fort Smith, ARPenmac Staffing
Fort Smith, AR

In 2004, Penmac Staffing opened a branch in Fort Smith, AR. Penmac, a premier supplier of staffing and human resource services, staffs and hires for positions in several industries, including, but not limited to construction, warehousing, and financing. The Fort Smith location serves all surrounding geographical areas. If you’re looking for a job, we’re often looking for production workers, electrical assembly, and accounting and payroll clerks.

Business in Fort Smith, AR 

Fort Smith, AR has a diverse economy, built on both large and small companies. Most of the region’s economy is focused on construction, retail, finance, professional and technical positions, and the healthcare industry. Because of it’s central location in the nation and its transportation infrastructure, Fort Smith is home to many national corporations. However, 86% of Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce members are small businesses. The overall labor force is known as one of the best in regard to productivity.

About Fort Smith, AR

Fort Smith is the second largest city in Arkansas, having a population of more than 87,000. Located in the River Valley, Fort Smith, AR sits on the state line between Arkansas and Oklahoma, and is one of the two county seats for Sebastian County. Fort Smith was recently named the number one city in the United States for cost of living by Forbes Magazine. It also is proud of its nationally recognized schools and outstanding medical facilities.

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