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Penmac Staffing in Brainerd, Minnesota

On January 1, 2018, Employment Resource Center, Inc. became a division of Penmac Staffing. ERC Staffing has served Brainerd since 2007.

Business in Brainerd, Minnesota

The Brainerd Lakes area is a popular tourist destination, but also home to thriving industry. Key sectors include tech services, manufacturing, health care, and natural resources, along with tourism.

About Brainerd, Minnesota

Located in central Minnesota, Brainerd is the seat of Crow Wing County, with a population of nearly 14,000. Brainerd straddles the Mississippi River, and is part of the Brainerd Lakes region, with over 460 lakes within a 25 mile radius. The regional population exceeds 90,000.

Lori Bender, Area Manager

Lori Bender started as a Staffing Specialist with the Employment Resource Center in the fall of 2007, and continued providing excellent, consistent service to job seekers and businesses through the Penmac acquisition of ERC in 2018. In the fall of 2019, Bender was promoted to Area Manager, overseeing all Penmac branches in Minnesota.

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