Job Seeker FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Working for Penmac

Job Seeker Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You might have questions about working for Penmac. Here are answers to some of the most common questions. If you need more information, please contact your local Penmac office for more answers.

  • What should I do if I get hurt on an assignment?

    • Contact your local Penmac branch office.
  • How often will I get paid?

    • Your paycheck will be directly deposited into your bank account every Thursday. If you have no bank account, Penmac will provide a paycard free of charge. In some cases, you can get paid the day of your assignment.
  • What should I do when I finish an assignment?

    • Contact your local Penmac branch office if you want to be placed on a new assignment.
  • Does Penmac offer benefits?

    • Penmac offers health coverage to qualified associates that complies with Affordable Care Act requirements. Penmac associates will be notified by mail and email when they become eligible to enroll.
  • What types of positions are available to me?

    • Penmac offers permanent, temporary, and temporary to permanent employment opportunities for a wide range of skill sets and in a variety of industries. Search current opportunities now.
  • Is there a cost for being placed with Penmac?

    • No, Penmac is always free to job seekers.
  • What should I wear to Penmac?

    • Wear clothes that are comfortable and presentable. You are not required to wear a three-piece suit, but pajamas (yes, this has really happened) are not appropriate either; somewhere in the middle is fine.
  • Is it OK to bring someone with me when I come to Penmac?

    • Yes, if you need assistance operating a computer to complete the employment application. We do not recommend bringing children when applying or interviewing at Penmac. The process is too long for children to wait and they become restless.
  • What should I expect when I come to Penmac?

    • Be sure to bring with you two forms of identification (driver’s license, social security card, passport, birth certificate, etc.) to complete the necessary employment and tax forms. Bring a resume. If you don’t have a resume, bring your previous employment information and the dates you worked at each company. After the application process is complete, a Penmac staffing specialist interviews applicants to determine work history, experience and the type of employment the applicants are seeking. The total amount of time it takes to complete an application and interview is approximately one hour.
  • Where is Penmac located?

  • How do I apply for jobs?

    • Online at or in person at one of our branch office. After applying, either online or in person, applicants need to be interviewed in a Penmac office.

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