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What Do I Need to Know About Job Fairs?

What Do I Need to Know About Job Fairs?

At Penmac, we get a lot of questions about job fairs. Are job fairs worth it? Will I be hired at a job fair? What do I do to prepare for a job fair? While every job fair is different, and opportunities may vary depending on what sort of work you’re looking for, for the most part, job fairs can be a great place to look for work. Even if you aren’t hired on the spot, job fairs are still a great place for you to learn about area businesses and potential employment opportunities. Here are a few tips to make sure these recruiting events are successful for you. 

Job Fair Tips  

  1. Wondering what to wear to a job fair? Dress like you would for an interview. You will be meeting lots of employers, and should have a professional wardrobe. Wear an outfit that looks the part and makes you feel confident. First impressions are essential when you may only get to spend a few minutes with each representative.  
  1. Prepare for the hiring event by bringing multiple copies of your resume. As you present your resume, use the exchange as a chance to point out one or two things that are most relevant. Your resume should clearly show your name and contact information, and be no longer than one page.  
  1. Be enthusiastic and prepared to promote yourself. Prior to a job expo, consider your key strengths and be prepared to give a brief summary of why you would be a good fit for the opportunities available.   
  1. Take initiative; ask thoughtful questions to engage representatives. There will be many other candidates there seeking work, and you want to make yourself memorable. Instead of only repeating the same memorized speech at each booth, try also having a meaningful interaction with each employer.  
  1. Follow-up with the connections you make. If you had met with companies that had positions available, be sure to visit their website or office to complete an official application. Send thank you notes where appropriate, and reconnect with promising businesses with a phone call or e-mail later that week.  


Often, job fairs can lead to unexpected opportunities. You can check with local news stations, your town chamber, and other organizations to learn if there are upcoming events scheduled in your area. Apply online at any time to be eligible for multiple opportunities in your area! 

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