Staffing Process

Our goal is to help your business succeed by providing quality people with the right skills at the right time.

The Penmac Staffing Process

Just as you wouldn’t hire new employees without thorough interviews to learn how they work, you shouldn’t decide to work with a staffing agency until you know how it does business. At Penmac, we make it our priority to fully understand your company and the staffing challenges you face. We begin our partnership by having an in-depth conversation about your business challenges and needs, and which Penmac services would best keep you successful. In turn, you may be asking, “How does a staffing agency work?” and wondering what makes Penmac Staffing unique. Penmac customizes services for each employer, but in general the staffing process includes the following steps.

  1. Recruit quality candidates.

    • If you’ve ever tried to find talented employees to fill a position, you know finding quality candidates can be a challenge. Penmac uses the most effective and creative recruitment methods, and was featured in the Staffing Industry Review in an article called “Creative Recruiting” for our unique ideas. Our team members work with you to make sure we find applicants with the skills and attitude you require.
  2. Encourage and assist applicants.

    • Sometimes the most difficult part of hiring is getting potential employees to complete the application process. Once Penmac has recruited qualified individuals, staffing specialists encourage and assist them in completing the employment application. Our application process is easily accessible to job seekers, who can complete it online or in one of our many locations.
  3. Confirm employability.

    • Before Penmac ever sends workers to your business, our team members use a wide array of screenings to verify a candidate’s employment eligibility, depending on your company’s needs. We can complete drug screens, reference and background checks, E-Verify, and a variety of criminal records searches. These checks ensure that when associates come to your job site, they are ready to work.
  4. Verify skills.

    • To ensure you are getting the best employees, Penmac uses pre-employment assessments to confirm that applicants are qualified for your position. This testing ensures that our associates’ skills match their assignments. Our employment agency can assess basic job skills, industry-specific abilities, specialized software tests, and personality assessments to make sure individuals are compatible to your business.
  5. Interview to learn more.

    • Penmac knows that interviewing can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the hiring process, which is why our team members handle it on your behalf. Our staffing specialists first talk to you to learn about your requirements, company culture, and specific needs. Once we recruit applicants who are a good fit for your position, we conduct thorough interviews with each person before sending you our recommendations. You have the option to interview the top 2-3 candidates, saving you the time and trouble of interviewing all 20 that applied!
  6. Prepare for the job.

    • Every minute of the workday counts, so Penmac makes sure applicants are prepared for the job they are accepting. Based on your needs, we can prepare employees through one-on-one conversations or through a custom orientation class if you need a large number of staff. We can also create and administer safety trainings, tailored to meet the needs of your business. In many cases, Penmac assists your business in distributing uniforms and safety equipment so staff is ready to work from the moment they arrive on your job.
  7. Administer benefits and payroll.

    • Our job isn’t finished even after associates are successfully working. Penmac is available to partner with you long term to take care of any HR needs that may develop. We handle payroll and benefits administration compliant with the Affordable Care Act, as well as take care of workers compensation and unemployment claims, saving you time and money.
  8. Communicate and counsel.

    • Building relationships is essential to successful partnerships, so Penmac works hard to continually communicate with businesses and coach associates, guaranteeing employment satisfaction. Our team members make sure associates are performing to your expectations, and counsel associates if any issues do arise.

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