Recruiting on your own? How do you know for sure that applicants are as skilled as they claim?

SmartFit Screenings and Assessments

Steven D. Levitt, coauthor of Freakonomics and a renowned economics professor, cites research suggesting that more than 50 percent of people lie on their resumes. If you’re a business that prefers to take care of the HR and hiring process on your own, but are worried about making the right decision, you should consider using Penmac’s screening tool, SmartFit. Imagine that you’ve recruited a pool of applicants, completed a few promising interviews, and now you’re ready to select a final candidate. How can you be sure the applicant has been completely truthful throughout the hiring process? Or, maybe you trust the applicant, but you’re not sure how he or she will fit into your workplace culture? If you need to verify skills or match personalities, SmartFit Screenings and Assessments can help.

Verify Skills

Choose from a variety of assessments to ensure your candidates have the right skills to be successful in your position. SmartFit can measure basic skills in vocabulary, math, problem solving, and spelling. If you’re hiring for an office positions, SmartFit assessments can verify clerical and software qualifications such as typing, data entry, Microsoft programs, accounting, and bookkeeping. For logistics jobs, you can choose mechanical aptitude and dexterity tests. SmartFit can also assess for specific industry competencies, such as sales and customer service.

Complete Screenings

In addition to confirming a candidate’s qualifications, SmartFit also offers you the option to ensure the potential employee is legally suited to work. You can request pre-employment or random drug screenings to deter employees from using drugs and alcohol, prevent hiring of individuals who use illegal drugs, or to provide a safe workplace. Employers can also utilize reference checks, motor vehicle records, criminal background checks, and other verifications.

Determine Traits

SmartFit screenings also offer tests that help to determine an applicant’s integrity, work ethic, reliability, and propensity toward substance abuse. Often, these assessments are used to learn more about the personality of the potential employee, which helps your hiring manager determine if the person would be a good fit for your workplace culture.

SmartFit allows you access to a wide range of human resource products and services that will enable you to more effectively hire qualified workers. Because we make these services available to you with our volume discounts, we can offer these assessments at very affordable rates. Penmac can provide and administer these services for you, or you may purchase any SmartFit product to implement on site. Either way, SmartFit provides a convenient, efficient, and fully customizable way to evaluate potential employees.

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