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Penmac Quality Control

Does your business manufacture hundreds of products at a time? If you’re overseeing an operation this large, we know you have your hands full. We also know you want premier products, satisfied customers, and an efficient supply chain—but how can you guarantee that every single item meets your high standards? Penmac Staffing has a division dedicated to third-party quality control, PQC. As a third-party, Penmac Quality Control (PQC) remains completely objective, allowing you to assure your business clients and customers that the items they receive meet specifications.

Depending on your needs, PQC can provide sorting and inspection services at your location, our location, or at a customer site. You define product specifications, and PQC members examine each piece, marking parts that meet requirements and those that are defective. After the quality control check, PQC can ship approved parts directly to your customer, easing production times and costs. Our division can also collect and report data to you and your customer, if desired.

To further improve your operating processes and efficiency, PQC is available to act as a liaison between you and your customer by providing on-site representation. In most cases, this beneficial alternative is significantly more cost effective and feasible than sending your own representative due to time and distance considerations. Additionally, as your partner, we can provide you with a full range of other services including containment of parts for later shipments or repairs, rework, special reporting, pictures taken of parts, tickets, and much more.

For more information and to contact PQC representatives, please visit www.penmacqualitycontrol.com.

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