All you have to do is send our drivers out on the road. The staffing experts in our transportation division handle the rest.


What can PenTransportation do for you? We are human resources and staffing experts. We can handle the entire application process from recruitment to pre-employment drug screening, as well as random screenings required by law. All you have to do is send our drivers out on the road.

Penmac requires drivers to work 120 days or 480 hours on our payroll. Once these requirements are met, your company can transfer the driver to your payroll, or leave them with us. This gives you time to see if the driver fits well in your organization.

PenTransportation will:

  • Recruit experienced, qualified drivers to meet your specific CDL needs.
  • Ensure that all drivers are D.O.T. qualified. Penmac will manage each driver’s Driver Qualification file. Each driver is part of a D.O.T. certified drug and alcohol consortium.
  • Have drivers available for your unexpected driver needs. Our relief drivers will keep your product moving.
  • Assist with your screening process.
  • Supply drivers by the day, week, month, or year as needed. Drivers can be paid by the hour, day, trip, mile, load, etc.
  • Provide payroll services.
  • Supply workers compensation coverage for the driver.
  • Administer criminal background checks. (Additional fees apply.)
  • Provide excellent benefits including health insurance, dental and vision programs, health savings account, and 401k plan.

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