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Employer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You may have questions about Penmac’s services. Here are some answers to the most common questions. If you’d like more information, contact the Penmac location nearest you, or call 877-473-6622 and ask for a sales representative.

  • How fast does Penmac fill a job order?

    • This depends on the requirements of the job. Most standard industrial and clerical positions can usually be filled within hours. Positions which require a specific skill set may require more time to be sure we have found the best-qualified person.
  • How does Penmac charge for its services?

    • That depends on the service you require. Our staffing services are charged as a markup on the pay rate for your employees. Recruitment and other human resources products and services may be charged at a flat rate. A Penmac representative will be happy to provide more detail, relevant to your situation.
  • How does Penmac screen candidates?

    • All candidates are verified to be eligible to work in the United States using E-Verify. The rest of the screening process can be customized to the client’s needs. We can perform drug screens, criminal background checks, work and education history checks, reference checks, and pre-employment skills assessments. The screening process is unique for each order, based on the job requirements.
  • How does Penmac recruit employees?

    • Penmac takes pride in using the most effective and creative recruitment methods. Our integrated recruiting systems and multiple area locations will provide a broad pool of qualified candidates. We post open jobs on our own website, as well as a variety of online job boards. We use a variety of other methods selected specifically for the job and the area. Some of the other recruitment methods we use include: newspaper advertisements, Career Centers, referral bonuses, direct mail, and social media. Word-of-mouth is our most effective method of recruitment, thanks to the respect and opportunity we give our associates.
  • What makes Penmac different from other staffing agencies?

    • Because we are employee-owned, we have the flexibility to provide you with custom staffing solutions. All Penmac customers and branch offices have full support from our corporate offices, including the CEO, encouraging open lines of communication at all times. Upper management works closely with all parties involved to ensure that we are always exceeding customer expectations.
  • Does Penmac charge applicants or employees a fee?

    • We never charge job seekers or associates a fee.

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