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Making the Grade!

Principals and school administrators have a lot to manage. You are responsible for ensuring the academic success of students, cultivating leadership among teachers, improving instruction and curriculum standards, administering state and nationally mandated testing, and engaging parents and the community. As you’re juggling these tasks, one of your teachers calls in sick and you and your staff have to stop everything to find a sub. Securing substitutes for teacher absences is a time-consuming and daunting task, yet it is essential to running a school.

The Affordable Care Act brings a new challenge, as districts are faced with the decision of cutting the hours of valuable substitute staff or providing health care benefits. This can be a very heavy burden when considering the limitations of finances and budget restrictions. Penmac Education Staffing can provide peace of mind to principals and administrators by handling your district’s substitute recruiting, screening, hiring, training, evaluating, payroll, benefits, and discipline, while also ensuring district compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. We know that high quality substitutes are essential—most students have a substitute teacher for approximately one year of their K-12 school career.

Preparing Your Staff

Penmac Education, staffed primarily by former school employees, is continually recruiting qualified personnel, including retired teachers who have already accumulated a wealth of experience. Once candidates are recruited, Penmac completes national, state, and county background checks, education verification, references, drug screens, and any other customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our skilled professionals take care of the hiring and orientation processes as well. Staff is provided training and support at the classroom level.

Long Term Solutions

Once hired, Penmac Education continually stays in touch with both the employees and the district to guarantee successful staffing solutions. Educators and substitutes are able to set preferences regarding assignment days and personnel. In addition, Penmac Education provides a tracking system for schools and subs to use to make sure there is a good match between sub and classroom. We are honored to be able to work with leaders in the field, and have a direct impact on students and their success in the classroom.