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Penmac Education Staffing can help with your substitute recruitment and staffing needs.

School administrators and principals know that managing the daily process of securing substitutes for absences is daunting. You want to ensure not only that every classroom will have a teacher for the day, but also that students don’t lose a day of quality learning when they have a substitute. Penmac Education Staffing hopes to provide peace of mind to schools by managing the recruiting, screening, hiring, training, evaluating, payroll, benefits, and placement processes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a large urban district or a small rural school—Penmac prides itself on learning exactly what your district needs, and providing custom, flexible solutions to meet those needs.

You want to know that students are always receiving a quality educational experience, even when their teacher is out. The mission of Penmac Education Staffing is that our substitutes will provide a rigorous, engaged day of instruction every day. Veteran educators and administrators work with our substitutes to make sure they are equipped to provide exceptional instruction, and not simply babysit a roomful of students.
Find education jobs with Penmac.

Are you looking for a job with a flexible schedule where you can gain experience, and help others while you do it? Consider substitute teaching! You are in charge of when you work—work every day, once a week, or periodically throughout the semester. Not only will you be learning great new skills in this position, but you will also have a well-known established employer as part of your work history. Whether you’re a college student wanting to gain experience in your field, a retired teacher who still wants to make a difference, or a community member looking for a great opportunity, substitute teaching offers lots of perks!
Penmac hires for education jobs such as:
  • Substitute Teacher
  • Paraprofessional
  • School Nurse
  • Food Service
  • Janitor
  • Office Staff
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