Penmac Provides Staffing and Benefits to One-of-a-kind Company

Burgers' Smokehouse

Penmac Provides Staffing and Benefits to One-of-a-kind Company

Burgers’ Smokehouse, located in California, Mo., is a family-owned-and-operated business that was established in 1952. At that time, the Burger family opened a one-building smokehouse and began selling smoked meats. From its beginnings, the business has expanded and annually produces 750,000 hams, packages of bacon, sausages, and a dozen other specialty meats.

Penmac has been supplying Burgers’ Smokehouse with employees for over 11 years. When positions are available, Burgers’ will hire on Penmac associates and has steadily increased the number of Penmac associates used each year. Currently, Burgers’ has 39 Penmac associates who are busy preparing holiday meat orders.

Burgers’ Smokehouse Human Resources Manager, Sandra Ratcliff, said, “I consider the time savings in searching for direct hires to be one of the greatest benefits of Penmac. It is a quicker to bring in Penmac associates and makes for a much easier process to find qualified employees.”

“We also appreciate that Penmac handles workers compensation and benefits administration, and that Penmac associates are able to enroll in health insurance through Penmac even though they are not on our payroll,” Ratcliff said.

Penmac Area Manager Sherry Holland and Eldon, Mo., Branch Manager Phyllis Wood said that they feel privileged to work with Burgers’ Smokehouse. They feel fortunate that Penmac associates can have a hand in creating such excellent-quality products.

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