Penmac Assignments Lasted Over 17 Years

The Story of Two Associates

Penmac Assignments Lasted Over 17 Years

This is the story of two associates that have been employed by Penmac for over 17 years and been in the same assignment for the entire time. In 1994, Brenda Cruise and Charles Lairmore began working at Marshfield Transportation Products (MTP) in Marshfield, Mo.

Brenda Cruise works as an office clerk for MTP; she does a variety of tasks to ensure optimum operation of the business. “I have developed great friendships through the years that I’ve worked for Penmac. I have nice coworkers and enjoy working with them,” Ms. Cruise said. Marshfield Branch Manger, Brandy Willis, said of Ms. Cruise, “Brenda always has a cheerful attitude and is willing to help with anything I may need. I find Brenda’s strongest work practice to be the ‘Queen of Backup,’ if you ever need any paperwork she will have the file.”

Mr. Lairmore spends his time at MTP in the warehouse where he sorts and organizes freight. In working for Penmac, Mr. Lairmore said, “they are nice people and I’ve never had a problem.” He commented that he enjoys his benefits from being a full-time Penmac employee; he receives insurance, 401(k), and participates in the employee stock ownership plan. “I have never seen Charlie without a smile on his face; and always happy with pep in his step,” Brandy Willis said.

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