Hired On After a Decade of Steady Work

Ronald Davis's Story

Hired On After a Decade of Steady Work

In 2005, Ronald Davis moved to Missouri and starting his job-hunting experience at Penmac. Over the past 11 years, Davis has worked with many of Penmac’s clients on long-term assignments in industrial manufacturing settings.

Recently, Davis was hired fulltime at NewStream Enterprise in packing and assembly. Davis said that he is grateful to Penmac for always aiding him in finding employment. “Penmac is the best temp service in Springfield. I never had success with anyone except Penmac,” Davis mentioned.

Downtown Springfield Staffing Specialist Gillian Hamm said, “Ronald has always been eager to work. Whether he is sent out on a temp assignment or an immediate fill in order, Ronald jumps at any opportunity to work. I’m proud that he has been given a chance to better his family, as well as the company, now that he is NewStream’s full time employee.”

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